The Sustut River

The Sustut River is a steelhead fly-fishers dream with a variety of characteristics from clear glassy tail-outs to rolling riffles that are sure to leave anglers looking forward to their next visit.

We have access to 20 miles of river beginning in the upper river at the confluence of the Bear River all the way down through canyons and rapids into meandering freestone sections of long runs in the lower river to where it enters the mighty Skeena.

The uppermost 70 miles of the Sustut is closed permanently as a steelhead sanctuary ensuring strong recruitment every spring and reliable annual returns. Many of the largest fish spawn in the spring in the Bear River tributary, which is also closed permanently, and has formerly boasted the highest numbers of concentrated spawning fish in the entire Skeena drainage.  These upper stretches near the Bear river are hallowed waters as the fish destined for the Bear River hold in the larger Sustut where anglers can pursue this oddly large race of fish with dry-flies on stunning glassy pools.



The lower sections of the Sustut has endless long pools that, at times, can kick out crazy numbers of fish as they reach the first holding water after a long upstream battle through the Skeena. This is where anglers visiting Suskeena Lodge can enjoy long cobble runs suitable for anglers of all abilities and skill levels while targeting steelhead that have never seen a fly.