Suskeena Lodge BC Canada
Takla First Nation


Fly-Fishing on the Sustut

Suskeena Lodge has worked hard to ensure that anglers visiting the Sustut are guaranteed to have exclusive access to vast stretches of river and never have to race to the next spot or low-hole other boats. This means you can fish in tranquility and never worry about someone beating you to that one special spot.


Angling in British Columbia

Angling for wild steelhead in British Columbia is 100% catch and release using only single barbless hooks. Double handed/Spey rods in weights 7-9 are the most effective tools of this trade and are especially useful to beginner anglers as well as the most seasoned. Single hand rods can be very effective but are limited by angler ability and endurance, especially on some of the legendary canyon water where the back-cast room is limited. Suskeena Lodge carries some perfectly set up loaner/demo rods that we are happy to lend out to help maximize your experience on this beautiful river.

Suskeena Lodge is one of only two operations on the river and due to the remote nature we rarely, if ever, see other anglers.

The Best Fishing Experience

Dry fly fishing on the Sustut can be the best anywhere and is an experience that is promoted by our guides and rarely disappoints. These fish take on a very trout-like behaviour as their instincts take them back to their early life stage habits of feeding on Stone, Caddis and Mayflies. Be sure to bring along an 8 or 9wt single hand rod equipped with a floating line for this pursuit.

The Sustut River is a steelhead fly-fishers dream

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