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Takla First Nation


Our Territory

The traditional territory of the Takla First Nation is located in North Central British Columbia and totals approximately 27,250 square kilometers. The territory is a rich environment of lakes, rivers. forests and mountains borderred on the west by the Skeena Mountains and on the east by the Rocky Mountains.

Our traditional lands are the geographic area occupied by our ancestors for the community, social, economic and spirtual purposes. Carrier and Sekani place names exist for every physical feature and place that we occupy. Each name reflects the significance of the feature or site and today provides us with historical information about our rich history and the extensive knowledge we carry of our land and our resources.

For millennia, The Takla Nation have hunted and fished on these lands. Our knowledge of the mountains, the rivers and the animals is rooted deeply in our culture.

Our Nation

Our Nation is an amalgamation of the North Takla Band and the Fort Connelly Band, a union which occured in 1959. The name is an approximation of the Carrier name for an early trading post near the northern end of the lake. This name means “at the end of the lake”.

Takla First Nation’s main community is at Takla Landing, which lies 320 km north of Prince George, B.C. This picturesque community, home to approximately 250 residents, is situated on the eastern shore of Takla Lake. The community, which was isolated until the 1950’s when forestry pushed into the area, is now accessible through Fort St. James on paved and unpaved forestry road.

We, the Takla First Nation, will work together towards creating a sustainable, healthy, and prosperous community that is grounded in our cultural heritage and respectful of our traditional lands.

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